Will next year be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year for an Oscar?

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This past year was, needless to say, a great year for movies, so 2013/2014 has a lot to live up to. One movie I’ve been curious to see is The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCapprio as Gatsby.

The film was scheduled to come out in December 2012, but it was rescheduled to come out this May instead. Leo has been nominated for a few Oscars but never won, so I can’t help but wonder if that was a factor with all of the intimidating Oscar competition this past year.

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This is probably not the reason, but speculating is fun. Apparently the purpose of the later release date was to give Director Baz Luhrmann time to work on the soundtrack and 3D effects.

Anyway, the delay gave me some time to revisit the book over the holidays. I enjoy reading stories about characters that I don’t necessarily like or agree with, so I’m a fan of the book. It’s always fun to see a book come alive on the screen, although often it can be disappointing.

I hope The Great Gatsby lives up to the book and next year is Leo’s year for an Oscar. I don’t think Gatsby in 3D is necessary, but anything with bright colors is required to come in 3D these days.

The film seems to be well cast with Leo as Gatsby, Carey Mulligan as Daisy and Tobey Maguire as Nick. Also promising is Luhrmann’s resume who was also nominated for an Oscar (Moulin Rouge!) but never won.

Leo has been nominated for his roles in Blood Diamond, The Aviator and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. And missed out being nominated for Django Unchained with all the stiff competition he faced.

There is also some Oscar buzz for The Wolf of Wall Street in which Leo stars and produces that could be released later this year. And it’s also directed by Martin Scorsese, so you know Leo is going to up the ante with his favorite director.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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