Why are Doc and the DeLorean in this mysterious Argentinean commercial?

Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 4.32.11 PM

Back to the Future is one of the greatest film trilogies in history as far as I’m concerned. So, when a viral ad pops up on the Internet with Doc and the DeLorean in it is piques my attention.

Apparently, its a commercial. Why make a Back to the Future commercial? I don’t know. How do you get Christopher Lloyd to participate and a very awesome looking DeLorean involved? No clue.

I’m secretly hoping this is actually a viral video to gauge interest in a fourth Back to the Future. Consider me pumped for a fourth, though… I’m not sure how that would work story wise. Would Michael J. Fox return in some capacity? How could he not, right?

Anyway, watch two versions of this “commercial” below. [via Movies.com]