Watch the trailer for Osombie, a movie about zombie Osama bin Laden. Seriously

What’s more terrifying than Osama bin Laden alive, lurking in a cave and planning dastardly things? Osama bin Laden as a zombie with an undead army. That’s what.

In Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead, Osama rises from the grave to command a zombie terrorist army. The trailer is B-movie goodness at it’s best. Outrageous deaths, over-the-top machoness, zombies everywhere, big guns and beautiful people are the order of the day.

This looks like the perfect movie to kick back and watch on Netflix Instant. Why not? All you need to remember is this: Zombie Osama bin Laden. Terrorist undead army. Brilliant, just brilliant. [via]

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  2. Quora - February 7, 2012

    Did anyone heard anything about this movie Osombie?…

    Yes, it’s a movie about zombie Osama bin Laden. You can watch the trailer on:¬†…