Watch the test footage for the live action Hong Kong Phooey (starring Eddie Murphy) and Marvin the Martian movies

Test footage is what a director makes when they’re pitching a movie to a studio. The studio needs an idea of what they’re investing in, after all. So they put together a little short showing off what their movies could look like. Alex Zamm did that exact thing for his Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey live action/CG hybrid movies.

First up is Hong Kong Phooey, which was supposed to star Eddie Murphy. I’m guessing Warner Bros. was interested in doing these after the success of The Chipmunks and Garfield, as well as the ongoing success of The Smurfs. Either way, it looks terrible. I’m sure a kid would like it, but it’s basically Beverly Hills Cop but Hong Kong Phooey. But in the worst way possible.

Marvin the Martian looks a bit better, probably because Marvin is a bit more charming than Phooey, despite his penchant for wanting to destroy Earth. Marvin was supposed to hit theaters in December 2011 while Phooey has sat there since Murphy signed on 16 months ago. It’s probably safe to say that both are dead. RIP, Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey. [via Entertainment Weekly]

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