Watch Paul Giamatti reenact a romantic scene from Twilight

Paul Giamatti is a fantastic actor. His wheelhouse is playing angry villains and whiners. So Vulture decided to sit down and have some fun with him. Of course, Giamatti is promoting a movie right now. He wouldn’t just go off and do this. He’s promoting John Dies at the End.

Anyway, Vulture got him to reenact scenes from Twilight, You’ve Got Mail and Magic Mike. The Twilight one is the highlight as its so much better than anything Robert Pattinson delivers. Although it’s not entirely Pattinson’s fault. Directors and producers are trying to create a tone for the Twilight movies. That tone is weird apathy/gothic/epic love or whatever. Giamatti’s portrayal of Edward’s sensual argument with Bella is more real.

What you should do is watch this. Watch and imagine Giamatti as Edward. And then watch in horror as he reenacts a stripper sequence from Magic Mike. [Vulture]

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