Watch Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful Music Video For THE GREAT GATSBY


The Great Gatsby came out today. People have been raving about the soundtrack for a while now and the headliner of the entire thing seems to be Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful. It has a crazy haunting quality… though maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise with Del Rey.

I’m really digging her music video for it though. It’s done in an old school aspect ratio (1.35) with a neat grainy texture. It’s kind of obvious to do a music video for a song from a film that takes place in the Roaring ’20s but they could have easily just gone new a wider aspect ratio and glitzed everything up like the movie. They didn’t and that’s very refreshing.


It’s also got some pretty neat cinematography going on. The greyish background with the conductor doing his thing reminds me a lot of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, which came out in 1927. They do some very cool things with shadow and popping colors (the drums). Overall, it’s just a great music video.

And is it me or is does Young and Beautiful seem like 2013’s Skyfall? Do you think Lana Del Rey could take home an Oscar for this?


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