Watch Hurricane Sandy thrash the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

A large draw to the Disney cruises is that they install some Disney magic on them. You can not only go with your family, or avoid kids at adult-only sections, but be on a cruise ship with your favorite movies and characters. Hurricane Sandy is trying to ruin that right now.

The 13-story Fantasy cruise ship was near Miami when it was hit by Sandy, and many guests took some video of what happened. There was water overflowing on deck, glasses shattered, doors slammed shut, merchandise fell to the ground, furniture overturned and it was generally a terrifying experience. Crew members (or cast members cause it’s Disney) told passenger Dr. David Evans that it’s the worst night they’ve ever experienced.

Eventually, the ship managed to dock at Port Canaveral and guests got a 25 percent discount on their next cruise. Nice gesture, but this looks absolutely terrifying. [via Huffington Post]


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