Watch how Industrial Light and Magic made The Hulk in The Avengers

The Hulk absolutely steals the show in The Avengers. He’s hilarious, he kicks ass and he’s just a joy to watch. But how did they make the monstrosity? He’s easily the best looking version of Hulky yet – he even has pores!

The Huffington Post has a video from Industrial Light and Magic on how they made The Hulk: Mark Ruffalo edition. Basically, they took high resolution photos of his face, made multiple casts of his head, laser scanned it into a computer, painted in wrinkles and then altered it into the Hulk form.

They went to such a great extent that they even copied his fingerprints and teeth and used that in the big, lovable green guy. Unfortunately, you’ll have to head to the source link to watch the video. Hulk sad. [The Huffington Post]

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