Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage Showcasing How LA LA LAND Pulled Off Its Incredible Sequences
This movie has cinematography locked up


I saw La La Land three times and it still doesn’t seem like enough. One thing that blew me away consistently is the movie’s insane cinematography. It’s fast and fluid and feels like they’re making it up as they go along, even though it’s all finely choreographed.

Curiosity about how Damien Chazelle and his team of filmmakers pulled off the blistering cinematography starting going off when an a video from the set made its way to Instagram. You can see Chazelle tapping on the shoulder of his camera man, letting him know when to whip the camera to a new spot.

Since then, The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire have been given exclusive looks at what must be special features on the Blu Ray, ensuring that I purchase the hell out of that thing. The first one is from IndieWire and shows off how they pulled off some of the opening moments of Someone in the Crowd.

The four girls dance, the camera — on a crane — zooms upward and then downward, following them as they strut and run to the now-famous green Toyota Prius. I had thought these were weird camera tricks designed to hide cuts, but nope! They’re all one take.

The second one is from THR. This one shows a different amazing sequence from Someone in the Crowd, specifically near the end when people start diving into the pool.

I can’t wait to see more of this stuff. I really want to see some major footage from the opening number, and the planetarium, and — oh my god — the epilogue! If there’s any kind of extensive documentary on the making of La La Land, that Blu Ray is going to be a must-own for any film fan. [IndieWire, THR]


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