Watch a short film co-written by a robot

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. A couple years ago we didn’t even think about intelligent assistants. Now we have things like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google voice to help us in our daily lives and find out information for us. One of these AIs is Cleverbot, a website where you can chat with a robot (basically).

So Chris R. Wilson thought it would be fun to push the AI to see how far it could take us. And, well, it took him into a short film called Do You Love Me? And yes, it’s written by Cleverbot. Wilson says that he just set up scenarios and let Cleverbot write the dialogue.

The results are… weird. And they make no sense. And it’s extremely abstract. And there are a lot of pop culture references, oddly. So basically, Cleverbot’s movie is a weird mix of David Lynch, Terrence Malick and Joss Whedon.

Obviously, AI and robots can’t comprehend situations and emotion well enough – yet – to create a work of art like a video game, movie, music or a literature. They just compute things and spit out something generic or something that makes logical sense. Too bad that most entertainment isn’t logical – it’s emotional.

For now, we are safe. We have the power of human feeling. Celebrate everyone! Yahoo! [via]


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