Warner Bros. Announces MAN OF STEEL Sequel BATMAN/SUPERMAN Movie For Summer 2015, FLASH and JUSTICE LEAGUE May Follow



Warner Bros. has finally announced their plans for their next big DC movie: It’s a movie that stars both Batman and Superman, and it’s a continuation of what started with Man of Steel.

The film was rumored early this morning in a report by the Los Angeles Times and was confirmed by Warner Bros. at the end of their Comic-Con Hall H panel. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder came out to address the crowd (via /Film):

It’s official that we are going to make another Superman movie. And you say, Zack, what is the movie about? But you don’t want me to tell you that. You want to go and see the movie. But I can say that maybe there’s a single element that will be in the film that I could… help you out with. I was thinking about how to do that. I pored through the DC Universe to look for a way to tell this thing. We’re writing the thing now, but I came across a thing I found that’ll help you understand it.

Then someone read the following passage from Frank Miller’s celebrated graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns:

I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember your hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.

Snyder went on to say that they aren’t adapted the classic graphic novel, but instead are using it as the thrust of the idea for what I’m going to temporarily call Batman/Superman. What this implies to me is that we aren’t going to see some magical Batman/Superman team-up movie, but instead a Batman vs. Superman movie.

The main cast of Man of Steel will return, with Batman yet to be cast. And no, it won’t be Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It will be written by Man of Steel screenwriter David Goyer and Snyder. It will be directed by Snyder. It will release in 2015 and it’s in pre-production now, so we should see Batman casting rumors pop up starting this coming week.

The big question here is how they handle the story threads they didn’t answer in Man of Steel. Spoilers, obviously, but the ending of that film opened the door for Superman to grieve about all the damage he did. It could have been a brilliant way to introduce Lex Luthor as the main villain of the sequel, but I don’t know if that’s the case anymore.

Unless they want Batman to come to the aid of Metropolis? Who else would be brave and smart enough to stand up to the mighty Superman, who just leveled an entire city. We know Bruce Wayne exists in this world, so was he horrified by the destruction caused? Was he taken aback by the hundreds of thousands of people that lost their lives as two gods fought? Maybe.

We know that in the comics Batman doesn’t really trust Superman. He keep kryptonite in his utility belt, after all. And who else, other than Luthor, has the resources to harvest the damaged Krypton ships to create kryptonite?

If this is the road they’re taking with this, then I don’t think I mind. It’s much more suited to Luthor than Batman, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt… for now. And really, I’m very glad we aren’t seeing another Batman origin story. Instead of giving him his own movie we’re going to see him introduced in what will probably be a Superman movie.

That’s totally fine by me, and it’s kind of what I expected. There is no way they have enough clout to reboot Batman in a standalone film for quite a while. And definitely not an origin film.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that WB and DC will follow up Batman/Superman with Flash in 2016 and Justice League in 2017. That’s quite an order of events, and it makes me thing that they’re going to use David Goyer’s old Flash script, or something close to it (word is that it’s amazing).

Warner Bros. has long wanted to create their own DC movie universe and it looks like they’ve finally gotten their plans in place. Of course, WB has done this before. They’ve had a Flash movie in the works, as well as a Wonder Woman, but those all fell through – especially after the Green Lantern tanking. Will they finally follow through? I think they have to. And we’ll certainly find out.

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