Universal gives up on Clue movie, moves ahead on four other board game films

We truly are in a period about movies based on board games. We already have Battleship coming out next year, so why not make a movie on the most cinematic board game (HAH) ever?

Clue. Actually, Universal inked a mega deal with Hasbro to produce seven movies based on board games. SEVEN. Universal is dropping three of them to focus on four, however. They just dropped Clue, and they’ve also dropped Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering.

Which movies are left? The aforementioned Battleship from Hancock director Peter Berg, Stretch Armstrong with Rob Letterman (Shark Tale) directing with Taylor Lautner in the starring role, Candyland, which is being written by Kung Fu Panda 2 scribe Jonathan Aibel and Ouija, which will be directed by Terminator: Salvation helmer McG and produced by Michael Bay.

Don’t give up on Monopoly, Clue or Magic: The Gathering yet though. All three projects are alive.

Clue will be directed by Gore Verbinski, who directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films as well as Rango, and will be written by Flash Gordon scribes Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama.

Clue apparently keeps the mystery feel in tact, but on a global scale. Sounds groovy, I suppose.

Hasbro clearly has one goal for all its movies: be big budget and be summer blockbusters. We see that in Battleship and of course Transformers. I’m sure the other films will be much the same way, especially since board games don’t lend themselves to good stories.

They’re also developing a movie based on Risk, which could be epic, with Sony Pictures and Monopoly is a potential directing vehicle for Ridley Scott post-Prometheus.

Good luck Hasbro. But please, give us some good films and not just hollow blockbusters. [Deadline]

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