Um, WB Wants To Reboot THE MATRIX Without The Wachowskis
But maybe with Michael B Jordan


It was only a matter of time until Warner Bros rebooted The Matrix. They want franchises, thus bringing Kong into their litter box, going big on both Lego and DC and getting JK Rowling to make more Harry Potterverse movies.

So here we are. The Hollywood Reporter says WB is in the early stages of rebooting The Matrix. They’ve hired The Avengers and X-Men: The Last Stand writer Zak Penn to, uh, pen a treatment. Sources tell THR that there’s “interest” in Michael B Jordan starring, but we don’t know if that means that Jordan is interested in starring or that WB is interested in making him the star. That’s a big difference, too. If it’s the former, that’s interesting. If it’s the later, who cares?

Unfortunately, the Wachowskis aren’t involved in this whole reboot yet. It’s not clear if they’ll ever be involved. You’d think WB would promise them a big budget for whatever they want should they help out on The Matrix, getting fans in their corner, but that doesn’t seem to be the case… yet.

Because, I mean, without the Wachowskis does anyone really care? It just makes it all the more obvious that WB is doing this cynically, rather than pretending that the Wachowskis actually have a new story to tell in this universe. But hey, that’s where we are. [THR]


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