UFC Champion George St. Pierre Added to Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Latino Review is reporting that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has added a brand new high-profile person to its cast. Yes, just a couple days after it was revealed that Robert friggin’ Redford was in talks to join the film as a high-ranking SHIELD agent.


The new dude is UFC champion George St. Pierre, who is going to play Batroc the Leaper. For those that don’t know, Batroc is a former French Foreign Legion member that is in peak physical condition and has extraordinary reflexes and agility. Although he doesn’t have any superhuman powers he is a specialist in savate, which is essentially French kickboxing.


Obviously, having a non-actor play the role probably means it’s a minor one that will ultimately be something of a movie-level boss fight. This dude is probably going to give Cap some heavy trouble until that shield comes out. Oh, and I hope we do see Batroc leap off Cap’s shield because that would be fantastic. [Latino-Review]

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