TMZ: Tony Scott did not have inoperable brain cancer

TMZ says ABC’s earlier report of director Tony Scott committing suicide because he had inoperable brain cancer is false.

Celebrity gossip site (who is usually right) reported the following today.

TMZ has learned … Scott’s wife told investigators the rumor that Tony had inoperable brain cancer is “absolutely false.”

Although the autopsy results have been deferred pending more tests, our sources say there is no evidence of brain cancer.

ABC’s source was apparently close to Tony while TMZ has someone who has a leaked investigation memo or someone close to the family that could tell them what Scott’s wife said as well as what the status of the autopsy is.

I think news organizations should stop trying to scoop each other when it concerns the life/death of someone and get sources on the record rather than go behind “unnamed” and “a source close to the situation” who could easily be misinformed at times like this. [TMZ]


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