This Jurassic Park Half Life 2 mod is the best New Year’s surprise so far

2013 marks the 20th anniversary or Jurassic Park. It’s a film that’s special to my heart as it inspired a creativity in me I didn’t have before I watched the movie. I was only 5 when I saw it, but I went insane for the film and I haven’t been the same. Plus, I played the crap out of the Jurassic Park game for Sega Genesis. So this new Half Life 2 mod excites me to no end.

The people behind the mod have been coding for six years now, so it’s a labor of love. And look at it! It’s beautiful! It’s like a dream come true for Jurassic Park fans. Although I’m not sure why triceratops are attacking people… but whatever.

The team is looking for volunteers to help with the game because they have no clue when its coming out other than whenever it’s finished. Thanks Kevin! [IGN]

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