This is how they made Chris Evans skinny in Captain America

One of the more amazing things about Captain America: The First Avenger is “Skinny Steve,” the ultra tiny version of Steve Rogers in the film. I’ve even heard some people think that was a totally different actor.

In fact, that was almost the case. At first, director Joe Johnston wanted to hire a body double to impose the face of Chris Evans onto. This technique was used by David Fincher in both The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for Brad Pitt aging backwards and for the Winklevoss Twins in The Social Network.

Unfortunately, the actor that was hired couldn’t replicate the movements of Evans. Johnston said:

“Chris moves in such a unique way; he doesn’t move like anybody else. The body double could not move like him. As hard as he tried to watch Chris and duplicate the movements, it just wasn’t the same.”

Evans was actually happy that there would be no other actor helping create Steve Rogers.

“The beginning part of the movie is so crucial to get the audience invested in who Steve is, I didn’t want to share that part of the performance with another actor. I talked to Joe about it and thankfully, he agreed.”

So what do you do? You digitally chip away at Evans until you make Steve Rogers skinny. Johnston said they took over 250 shots of Evans and used digital technology to “shrink” him down.

They shrunk his skeleton, took out some of his jaw line and even made his shoulders less broad. The problem is once they shrunk Evans there was a lot of missing scenery behind him. They had to use a lot of green screens in shots so they could superimpose the imagery and make it look real.

Of course, this is a very detailed and crazy process. Johnston details it:

“It was a very arduous process. It took all of pre-production and most of production to do all 250 shots.”

Well holy crap. That’s a lot of work into making Skinny Steve look good. It looks great though, hopefully the movie is as great. Just remember to tell your friends how they made Evans so goddamn skinny. [Yahoo Movies]


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