This is how Andy Serkis came up with the voice of Gollum

Every once in a while there is a movie that contains a voice so distinct that people can’t help but impersonate it. Lately, it’s been The Joker and Bane from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Especially Bane. People have even developed strategies! Like, for instance, if you speak into a cup you can do the voice better.

Anyway, back in the 2000’s Gollum was that voice. People were running around all over the place saying “my preciouss” and “fats hobbitses.” How did actor Andy Serkis come up with that magical voice, which is now forever engrained in popular culture? By watching his cat.

AFI has posted a new video that details exactly how he came up with the voice and it’s certainly a doozy. And while this isn’t a new story if you’ve watched the hours upon hours of special features on The Lord of the Rings box set, it’s definitely worth noting.

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