This awesome Coke Zero viral ad turned people into Bond for a 70 seconds

Viral ads can be fun. They’re much more creative than regular, boring ads like commercials or billboards. Like this Coke Zero ad, it turned a couple people into Bond for 70 seconds. It gave them an objective (get to this platform) and once they reach their goal they get free tickets to see Skyfall.

It’s awesome and it’ll probably make you smile. The problem? It doesn’t look like a real viral ad. By that I mean that these “contestants” that are running through and pretending to be Bond seem like actors. What are the chances that regular people, at a train station, are going to jump at this game and run around.

Either Coke Zero did this a billion times and only came up with four dudes who were persistent or they hired some actors. Either way, it’s a cool idea and gets the point across. Oh, and Skyfall is going to be terrific once it releases on Nov. 9.

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