These people just discovered that Titanic was real and not just a movie

Movies can sometimes be a scary thing. Why? Because sometimes people are stupid enough to believe that whatever a film says is real. Like, hey The Day After Tomorrow is an accurate representation of global warming. Fun fact: It isn’t.

What might be worse though is when people realize that a movie based on a huge true event is based on a true event. Like Titanic! It really happened. These people though, these people just didn’t know. Humanity, I’m sorry.

Wait till you hear about King Kong!

Warning you now: Abraham Lincoln was really a president.

This is why you should pay attention in the first grade.

Why would you goo on a cruise? And who’s Holly? But don’t worry, there have been NO technological advancements since the Titanic sank.

I’m not surprised people didn’t know the Titanic was real, it’s just depressing that people don’t know. But hey, at least everyone knows who Justin Bieber is, right? You can see more tweets from people below.