These are the movie trailers playing during Super Bowl XLVII

ComingSoon is reporting that there will be six major movie ads during the Super Bowl. For the past couple years, studios have invested in the Super Bowl to promote their movies. I still remember the year the first G.I. Joe movie premiered its trailer and everyone at the Super Bowl party I was at released a collective meh.

Three studios are going big for the big game, with Paramount, Universal and Disney splashing cash for a large audience.

Paramount is going to debut a 30-second spot for Brad Pitt zombie movie World War Z, which releases on June 21. They’ve also got a 30-second spot for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, which arrives in theaters May 17.

Universal has the most exciting footage of the day with 30 seconds of footage from Fast and Furious 6, which comes out May 24. Disney has the biggest movies of the day, however. They’ve got a new ad for Oz: The Great and Powerful, which is coming out on March 8, a 90-second spot for The Lone Ranger, which arrives July 3 and a 60-second spot for Iron Man 3, which comes out on May 3.

The World War Z ad will play before the game while Star Trek will bow in the second quarter. Coming Soon notes that studios that haven’t bought ads yet are likely to debut ads before the game if they do decide to advertise their big movies.

Deadline says that 30-second spots cost $4 million this year. That’s a lot. You could buy three viral marketing campaigns for that much money! And really, Super Bowl ads don’t guarantee anything unless your movie actually looks awesome. I’m betting Star Trek, Iron Man 3 and Fast 6 are the only ones that have people going ape-shit at their Super Bowl parties for. [Coming Soon]

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