The Walking Dead Recap: Sick (S3.E2)

So who the hell are those danged survivors we caught a glimpse of at the end of the season premiere? Not guards, not visitors who happened to get caught up in the worst place at the worst time, just a bunch of freaked out criminals.

What’s the significance of that little tidbit of information? Well, it should set the train of thought in each of our minds down the track confrontation and violence.

Anyway, it’s explained to us that these surviving prisoners were rescued and locked into the cafeteria by a guard. He gave them a gun and told them he’d be back.

Then “about 10 months” slipped on by and they stayed locked inside until our lovable bunch of zombie exterminators came along hacking off Hershel’s leg.

Welcome to the new form of society prisoners. Things may be a bit different out here. The prisoners are completely unaware of how widespread the “Attica on steroids” disease has become.

The first point of confrontation comes up with the topic of where each group stays. The prisoners aren’t given any discernible names—another clear ringer for impending violence/death—but the one who seems to take the lead wants to take over the cell block that Rick and Co. have just cleared out.

Before things get bloody, Rick and the lead prisoner agree to trade weapons for food. The cafeteria proves to be the goldmine that Rick had envisioned and is stocked up with more food than anyone could have hoped for.

In the meantime, Hershel is yet to wake from having his damn leg lopped off. I still can’t believe that happened. Also on a side note: for anyone that was left wondering why Hershel’s leg needed to be cut off if everyone is already infected, it appears that bites and death appear to cause people to turn into “walkers.”

The women tend to Hershel trying to figure out how to best bandage his stump and wait for him to either die or open his eyes.

Rick, T-Dogg and Daryl bring back the great bounty they’ve discovered and proceed to honor their half of the agreement. The prisoners are armed and the three must now assist them in clearing out another cell block to stay in.

When the group comes to its first set of walkers its downright comical what ensues. Rather than listen to the one piece of information there is about killing walkers given by Daryl, they all continuously go for body shots.

For the group’s second wave of zombies Big Tiny (The not so cleverly ironic nickname for huge guys) shies away from the action and is attacked from behind. Although he’s not bitten, the rest of the group is uncertain.

Amidst the discussion, the lead prisoner strikes him down with a blow to the head and then pummels his head into the ground with blow-after-blow from his hammer.

My initial thought was: Here we go again, it’s Shane 2.0. This guy has got to go.

The group forges on ahead and makes it through the laundry room before having to open one of the doors of a double door frame because their is obviously some walkers that need to be dealt with behind it. Rick instructs the lead prisoner to open one of the doors which he, of course, pays no regard to.

Walkers come tumbling through the doors, while the lead prisoner states: “shit happens,” when Rick protests his disobedience. During the commotion the lead prisoner swings his weapon wildly, pretending to only be swinging at walkers but truly wanting to kill Rick.

After he misses, he grabs a walker and throws him onto Rick in hopes of accomplishing his goal. Daryl immediately stabs the walker in its head and helps Rick to his feet and then it’s time for that humanity that Dale was talking about the group losing before he died to come into play.

Rick confronts the lead prisoner looking for an explanation. The prisoner explains, “He was coming at me bro.” To which Rick responds, ” Yeah … yeah, I get it. Shit happens.” And promptly does a tomahawk chop with his machete to the prisoner’s head.

One of the other prisoners yells, “No,” but he is quickly booted to the ground before he takes off running. The other two remaining prisoners are held at gun/crossbow point while Rick chases the runner.

The prisoner makes it to an enclosed outdoor area filled with walkers and is locked out by Rick. His screams can be heard through the door. When Rick returns to the other prisoners one pleads for his life while the other (Oscar) states that he “ain’t never pleaded for his life and he’s not about to start now.”

The two are allowed to live and are given their own cell block as promised. I’m certain this is not the last we’ve seen of these two.

Back to Hershel …

With Maggie at his bedside, Hershel stops breathing before Lori—I kid you not—gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I also kid you not that I jokingly suggested she do just that as I watched on my first go through. The maneuver works, but he is still yet to wake.

When Daryl, T-Dogg and Rick finally return to their own cell block, Hershel semi-surprisingly wakes up to the joy of the rest of the gang. Lori and Rick then step outside for a little heart-to-heart, but things are clearly still in tatters. The two would likely divorce if it were possible.

The only glimpse of next week’s story arch appears to be someone or something watching Carol is she practices giving C-sections on dead walkers outside.






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