The Walking Dead Recap: Made to Suffer (S3.E8)

The midseason finale came and conquered all the episodes of the series to date. No other episode has been as intense as this week’s and that says a lot after watching the first half of season three.

The episode begins with Cutty … you know, Dennis Wise. People who watched “The Wire,” greatest TV show ever, will know what I’m talking about. Anyways, his character’s name for this show is Tyreese, which means something to fans who’ve read the comics but is otherwise just another character for those who haven’t.

Tyreese and a small group, very similar to Rick and the gang, are seen running through the forest through a herd of walkers. They cut their way through until they come across an opening in the fence to the prison that hasn’t been discovered to this point.

The group enters and we know we’re in for some sort of interaction with a bare bones crew led by Carl when the two groups come across one another.

I’ll get back to these guys later, because in reality we all care most about what’s about to go down at Woodbury. Things have calmed a bit since Glenn and Maggie’s interrogations.

Maggie lets Glenn know that nothing happened to her beyond being stripped of her clothes to further calm the beast that we all now know Glenn can become. He then gets up and rips the arm off the walker he killed while tied to a chair, snaps its forearm in half and pulls out the bone to use as a stabbing tool.

… Yeah, Glenn is making a strong case for bad ass of the year.

Outside, the prison crew watch the heavily guarded walls of Woodbury, looking for weaknesses. Michonne soon leads them all into a holding facility A Woodbury resident wanders inside  after seeing some shadows. Rick quickly binds and gags the man before knocking him out cold.

When Merle comes to move Maggie and Glenn for their Curious Guv ordered executions, the guard with him is promptly stabbed in the throat. After being stabbed the guard inadvertently fires off a few shots from his machine gun, causing enough of a distraction for the prison crew to roam outside more freely.

Maggie and Glenn’s escape attempt fails after a few more guards arrive on the scene, but the prison crew is close by. In the meantime, the prison crew has now moved to a store, where they question Michonne further on the location of their “people.” Daryl learns that Merle is a lieutenant in the Governor’s army.

“Maybe I can talk to him and work something out!” Daryl tells Rick. Rick doesn’t like that plan. “I need you!” he tells Daryl. While Rick settles him down, Michonne sneaks away from the group and enters the Governor’s apartment, pulling up a chair as she awaits his return.

Just as Merle thinks he has things under control, the prison crew bursts through with smoke grenades and free Glenn and Maggie from their captors. Curious huddles up his men and tell them to shoot to kill. “Don’t take any chances,” he says.

From here on its all out war, with shots being fired from seemingly every direction. The continued use of smoke grenades seem to serve more as attention grabber rather than a cover screen at first.

After the prison crew find Maggie and Glenn no one was sure where they were, then suddenly smoke appears and all of Woodbury is alerted to their presence. Just seemed like a bit of screw up in an otherwise brilliant hour of television.

The prison crew is clearly made up of the better shots as they consistently pick off some deserving and some likely undeserving Woodbury guards.

Daryl and Rick jump out to lay down cover fire while the others head for the wall. Rick thinks he sees Shane amid the chaos. He manages to shoot and kill Oscar just before Rick puts him down. “Shane” turns out to be no more than some no name Woodbury guard.

Everyone from the prison crew escapes except for Daryl. This entire time the Governor has managed to keep Andrea busy with other menial tasks to avoid having her see a member of her former group. Instead she only manages to have seen.

Back at the prison, Carl and company hear screams from inside the prison. He takes up the responsibility his father has placed before him as the man in charge and investigates the prison alone.

Finally he comes across Tyreese and his groups and leads them to safety, supplying them with food and water before locking them inside a cell block against their will as they tend to a bitten member of their group.

Beth: “Shouldn’t we help them?”

Carl: “I did.”

Rick has taught you well oh young one.

As Michonne grows impatient in the Governor’s apartment, she hears thumping in the other room. She burst through a door to find the creep-as-hell room filled walker heads in fish tanks. Then she comes across Curious’ undead daughter.

Just as Michonne is about to lop off the girls head the Governor suddenly screams “No! Don’t hurt my little girl! Please!” he pleads. Michonne, without hesitation, puts her sword through the girl’s mouth.

The Governor screams in despair and a struggles ensues. This was one hell of a fight that really didn’t quite go as I expected, but entertained to the fullest extent. Slobber-knocking punches, heads going through fish tanks, severed heads still trying to feed, body slams … this fight had everything.

But the coup de grace was Michonne grabbing a shard of glass and stabbing the Governor in the eye. Andrea comes upon the fight as Michonne is about to kill him with her sword and points her gun at her.

The two angrily stare eachother down before Michonne simply walks away. Afterward, as doctors finish patching the Governor, Andrea asks him a few questions about the room she just saw and seems to be alright with some pretty lame ass responses.

I could not despise that woman anymore than I do. Kudos to her as an actress and to the writers for doing a great job of making such vilified characters. Can you think of anyone as disgustingly despicable as the Governor?

Didn’t think so.

Later that night, the citizens of Woodbury gather in the arena. The Governor walks to the center of the ring and addresses the crowd. “I failed you,” he says. “I promised to keep you safe. Hell, look at me … I’m afraid! I’m afraid of terrorists who want what we have! Worse, one of those terrorists is one of our own.”

The Governor then points at Merle. “He led them here!” the Governor tells the crowd. “He let them in! You betrayed us all!” Merle is escorted to the center of the arena along with a hooded figure. The man is unmasked, revealing Daryl. “Merle’s own brother!” the Governor yells. The crowd screams for blood while Andrea watches in shock.

Cut roll credits. That’s one hell of a cliff hanger that leaves us with a boat load of questions. Is this the end for Daryl? What about Merle? What’s going to happen with Tyreese and his group? Will Andrea finally come to her senses? Will Michonne ever be trusted?

There’s so many scenarios to think of with more than two months to do it in. Try not to drive yourselves crazy folks. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our midseason finale podcast.


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