The Walking Dead Recap: Hounded (S3.E6)

Anyone left saying “what the hell?” when nothing happened after Michonne was allowed to leave the compound was immediately able to turn to who ever they watch the show with and retort with a “told ya’ so.”

Merle and a group of three guys whose names are too ridiculous and unimportant to remember, let alone list here, are seen walking through the forest in search of our feisty samurai warrior.

As their search goes along, Michonne kills off two members of the group. After another encounter a swarm of walkers show up with no casualties. Merle decides that him and his lone helper have done enough and should head back to the compound.

However, his helper wants to take revenge and is in turn shot in the face by the asshole of a redneck—although aren’t they always when it comes to life-or-death scenarios.

Meanwhile back at the compound, Curious Guv and Andrea are in the midst of a little flirting that eventually results in some good old fashioned coitus. Now there’s been sex on this show, rarely but still there. However, there has not been any scene’s as revealing as this one. Nice leg Andrea!

Any who let’s head over to the prison to checkout what’s going on with Rick and that phone. When Rick answers the phone a somewhat young sounding woman who is shocked to have finally gotten an answer.

She claims to be living in a safe place, but is unwilling to give Rick her location. Instead she says that she will ask to see if it’s okay. Rick pleads, but to no avail.

Maggie and Glen make a trip into town to restock on ammunition and find some food for the group and the baby. Before they do Rick emerges from his time away from the group for a quick check-in, but immediately heads back to the phone.

Hershel comes by to check up on him and Rick explains that someone has called on the phone, but doesn’t go into too much detail. Hershel puts the phone to his ear and leaves. From that point on sirens went off in my head: Something is up here.

After all Rick was hearing freaky baby cries that suddenly faded into the phone call after his unexplained success on a prison-wide rampage. I mean I’m glad he’s still alive, but this whole time the group has struggled surviving while their in a group and he just cleared out the prison by himself.

Michonne, still on the run from Merle, comes across a small convenient store with several cars in the parking lot. Before she can make her next move a car approaches … Holy hell! It’s Glenn and Maggie. That let’s you know just how close the prison is to the compound right there.

As the two are about to leave with their loot, Merle arrives on the scene. Michonne watches the encounter from afar as she has been wounded by a gunshot to her leg.

Glenn and Merle recognize one another and Merle immediately asks about Daryl and whether he can see him. Glenn refuses to take Merle back to the prison, but tells him he’ll send Daryl back to meet him.

Uninterested in that idea, Merle shoots near the two and grabs Maggie hostage, forcing Glenn to drive the trio back to the compound. Yup … son of a b.

Eventually the game of phone tag at the prison is revealed to be Rick losing his dang mind. When he himself realizes that he’s been “talking” to Lori he rejoins his group and holds his daughter for the first time.

Then as the group heads outside for some fresh air, Rick notices Michonne standing amongst a group of walkers at the prison gates. No she’s not dead, she just has zombie innards all over her.

A lot of things happened, but in a very slow roundabout way. Andrea once again can’t resist the charm of evil men, Glenn and Maggie basically switched places with Michonne and now we know we how close in proximity our two separate storylines are to intersecting and uniting.

Oh, by the way Daryl found Carol whose been missing for two episodes if anyone cares. Go ahead and mark a tally under “couldn’t care less” for me.



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