The Walking Dead Recap: Arrow on the Doorpost (S3.E13)


TWD_GP_313_1009_0164As expected, this week’s episode saw a return to the season’ main story arc pitting Rick and Co. against the Governor and the people of Woodbury. Rick, Daryl and Hershel pull up to what appears to be an abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere for a reason that is yet to be explained. The three are all edge and cautious of their surroundings more so than usual.

After Rick enters the barn the Governor appears from a shadowy corner of the building, to no surprise from Rick. It seems a meeting has been arranged between the two parties to discuss terms for a truce. The Governor speciously puts away his weapons in hopes that Rick will follow suit, but Rick wisely shows no trust in his enemy.

The Governor has secretly taped a handgun to the side of a table, unbeknownst to Rick. Andrea, Milton and Martinez pull up to the scene late and are quickly confronted by Daryl and Hershel while Andrea heads inside.

The Governor does most of the talking in an almost bored and uncaring manner, as if to say that he Rick’s side has no chance of victory if violence were to ensue after their meeting. Andrea makes every attempt to lead the negotiations toward an amicable ending, but, eventually, both Rick and the Governor eschew he from their negotiations and send her outside with the others.

Rick proposes that they draw up lines for territories that neither side may cross, but the idea is quickly shot down by the Governor. Curious then goes on to make his point that he could have killed Rick and his crew during their onslaught, but chose not to, to which Rick offers no disagreement. The Governor keeps up the mind games by displaying his knowledge of Rick and his group.

The Governor explains how he knows that Judith may not be Rick’s daughter and how he failed to judge the character of his best friend. Meanwhile, outside, everybody else is getting along swimmingly. Not right away of course. Daryl and Martinez have their pissing contest when some walkers arrive on the scene.

Not a moment too soon, by the way, I had just wondered to myself how they managed to find a place with not one solitary walker coming by.

Daryl and Martinez take turns killing walkers with ease. Instead they display their skill with their weapons. After gaining one another’s respect the two bond a bit by talking about who they were before the apocalypse. Hershel and Milton bond over Hershel’s missing leg and Milton annoyingly compulsive need for research data.

Back at the prison, Merle grows restless waiting for the group to come back. He doesn’t like the idea of his brother being part of the small crew set to meet with the Governor. Merle may hate the Governor, but he knows full well what he’s capable of and respects his power and his willingness to use it.

Merle tries to convince Glenn and the rest of the group that they should go to the farm and kill the Governor while they can, an idea which I wholeheartedly concur with. However, Glenn believes that the risk is too great and that Rick, Daryl and Hershel could get caught in the crossfire of their surprise melee.

The Governor further flexes his intel of the prison gang by saying that he knows about all the guns they brought in on their last run. He says Rick’s people might be more battle-tested, but there are far more people he can bring to war with him. Any war between the two would likely end in a great deal of bloodshed on both sides.

Instead, the Governor posits a different idea: deliver Michonne to him and there will be peace between them. Rick is given two days to decide. Once the two sides depart, back at Woodbury, the Governor tells Milton that the plan is to eliminate everybody who shows up at the barn from the prison except for Michonne.

So, in two days, Rick and company would be walking into a slaughter. Milton is aghast. At the prison, Rick tells his group that the Governor wants the prison and wants all of them dead. “We’re going to war,” Rick tells the group. Later, Rick tells Hershel that the Governor asked only for Michonne. Hershel says that Michonne saved many of the members of the group, “She’s earned her place.”

Rick then interjects, “Are you willing to sacrifice your daughters lives for her?” Rick is obviously giving serious thought to sacrificing Michonne, but knows that it would be the immoral decision. All the posturing aside, it was a pretty ho-hum hour of television. Things should pick-up again pretty quickly with only three episodes remaining in the season though.

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