The THOR: RAGNAROK Teaser Trailer Is Bonkers In The Best Way Possible
The best Marvel trailer yet?


The Thor franchise is the red-headed stepchild of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re not anyone’s favorite series, because each movie has significant problems. The first one is super cheap looking, while the second one is almost incomprehensible at times (it also has the worst Marvel villain of all). Thor: Ragnarok, however, has filmmaker Taika Waititi at the helm.

That looks bonkers. Look at those colors, look at big and comic book-y everything is. It absolutely looks insane and new and different. This is what I want to see from a Thor movie, and then near the end there you get the big moment. People are ready for Hulk to smash Thor, but Thor is excited. He gets to meet his old friend! These are the moments people love the MCU for.

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