The New WONDER WOMAN Trailer Extends Hope
Please be good


The DC Extended Universe, thus far, has been mediocre at best. Sure, there are some people who love Man of Steel (like me) and Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. But, for the most part, it seems most people are lukewarm on the entire endeavor. Wonder Woman, however, has people jazzed.

The new trailer extends that excitement.

We get a lot of the same stuff in this trailer, but the new stuff is her origin. We get to see baby Wonder Woman learning to become a badass. We get to see her training and fighting and persevering. And we get to see her badass braces do some work.

I kind of wish the color scheme of Themyscira was extended to the whole movie, but I see why it isn’t. Man’s world is grim and dark and broken, while hope prevails in the home of Diana Prince.

The one thing I’m worried about: is Wonder Woman going to end up fighting some big CG thing in the dark? Or will we see something more inventive?


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