The New Trailer For THE MUMMY Is An Improvement
It's better, but not better enough


The first trailer for The Mummy is one of the worst modern trailers I’ve ever seen, and the leaked version with only sound effects has forever scarred that trailer in my memory. This new trailer is better, almost good enough to get excited for the movie.

There’s some weirdness up front with Tom Cruise fighting… terrorists in Egypt? There’s some fun use of “Paint it Black” at the outset. But then they keep going back to it and it’s, like, we get it. There are some interesting looks at some of the powers in her arsenal. There’s a whole bunch of rats and spiders, an army of the undead. It looks like Jake Johnson turns into one of her followers post fighting terrorists in Egypt?

The best part of the trailer is easily the end segment, when they’re the water trying to collect themselves and she pops up behind them. Bravo. I hope we see more of that in the movie.

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