The new Godzilla movie has a cast that includes Walter White, Edward R. Murrow and Kick-Ass


At Comic-Con last year, Legendary Pictures – the folks behind The Dark Knight and Man of Steel – announced that they were rebooting Godzilla with Monsters director Gareth Edwards at the helm.

Last night Variety learned that David Strathairn, who featured in the Bourne movies as well as Good Night and Good Luck and last year’s Lincoln, had signed on to the new monster movie. He joins a cast that already includes Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass, Anna Karenina) and Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene).


That’s a pretty impressive cast for summer blockbuster Godzilla movie. Not only that, but Frank Darabont, who brought The Walking Dead to TV and directed The Mist, is giving the script a fresh coat of paint before shooting starts. And shooting starts very, very soon in Vancouver.

Could this be a good Godzilla movie? It certainly looks like it. At Comic-Con, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures showed off a quick clip to show what the film would look like. The Playlist conveys the reaction to it nicely.

Edwards took to the stage to unveil a top secret teaser trailer; an impressive achievement for a film that hadn’t publicly been green-lit (although presumably it has got the go-ahead if it’s at this stage). The clip showed a devastated city, over the famous speech by atomic pioneerĀ Edward Teller, with a fallen giant monster at its center. Then dust and rubble are kicked off, and the silhouette of Godzilla himself stands and screams in his trademark roar.

The clip, shown well before principal photography has even begun, seemed to go down a storm in Hall H (with a second showing by popular demand), and director Gareth Edwards, who’ll be making only his second feature with the project, was visibly moved by the reaction. The director then told fans that it’ll be a highly grounded, realistic movie, saying “The idea is to see if this really happened, what would it be like,” before adding, wryly, “I’ve never worked this hard or been this heavily involved in something since I lost my virginity.”

Sounds good to me. I just hope they deliver. Godzilla is set to destroy towns on May 16, 2014. [Variety, Comic Book Movie]

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