The Hypnosis Of Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE
DUN DUN dundun dundun DUN DUN


For the past week, my most listened to song has been Kendrick Lamar’s newest single, Humble. I’ve generally been a fan of his, so it’s not too much of a surprise that I can’t stop listening to the song. What I am surprised by, however, is the hypnotic nature of the music video.

If you’ve heard the song, you know that it has a steady rhythm throughout. It goes something like DUN DUN dun-dun dun-dun DUN DUN. It’s a circular beat that makes it difficult to tell whether it’s starting or ending, but it keeps your head bobbing along to the track.

The music video makes good use of that beat in its visuals. It recognizes that the best way to visualize that beat is to go with largely static images with minimal, or synchronous, movement. This bit is probably the best example.

There are others though, him in the beginning as a cardinal. Him on top of the car. Him with the girls in the salon. There is always contrasting movement. There are always very choreographed moves clashing with something a little more random. It creates a sort of hypnosis that you can’t look away from.

It’s actually a lot like a gif. Except not just any gif, its more like a cinema graph. Those are the gifs you see that contain subtle motion. Kind of like this.

It’s a tremendous video.

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