The Duffer Bros Envision Four Or Five Seasons For STRANGER THINGS
They have an endpoint in mind


The surest way to derail a TV show is to not have some kind of long-term plan. It becomes very easy for a writing staff to run off on a bunch of tangents, telling the same story over and over again. Of course, some shows, like anthologies and comedies, can get away with not having an endpoint, but that can end in disaster as well (sorry, Seinfeld).

The Duffer Bros know this, and they tell Entertainment Weekly that they want Stranger Things to go out on top rather than wear out its welcome. That’s why they currently envision the show going four or five seasons, though they realize and acknowledge that things can change. They could get a killer new idea, or Netflix could throw a boat of cash at them to keep the money train rolling.

“Everything changes as we move forward so we’ll see,” says Ross Duffer. Adds Matt Duffer, “I want it to have a really finite ending. I don’t want it to be one of those shows that runs out of gas and they lose it because they’re losing interest. You wanna end when you’re on top.”

At the same time, they want each season to feel fulfilling. They certainly accomplished that with season one. I was really happy with that story, but I also was interested enough to see what else is going on in this world. That’s a tough trick to pull off on a consistent basis, and time will tell if they actually pull it off. [EW]

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