THE COUNSELOR Teaser Trailer: Ridley Scott Directs A Great Cast In The Cormac McCarthy Adaptation

Cormac McCarthy books tend to make good movies. No Country For Old Men, for example, is a fantastic film. The Road, while it has some problems, is also pretty damn good. The latest in the McCarthy line of adaptations is The Counselor, which is being brought to the screen by Ridley Scott.

That’s certainly a compelling reason to see this film, but it’s not the main one. The main one is this brilliant looking cast: Michael Fassbender. Brad Pitt. Penelope Cruz. Javier Bardem. Cameron Diaz. That cast has me excited. While I’m not a fan of Diaz, I do like all the others and I believe they’ll be able to pull their weight on this one.

And really, this movie will live and die by the cast.

The Counselor releases on October 25.

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