THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Electro Teaser Wants Us To Know He’s Electro


Comic-Con is going on and apparently Sony Pictures has released this new teaser teasing their big panel at Hall H on Friday, where Electro will apparently arrive and dazzle everyone. Or Jamie Foxx will just show up and talk about the character and the makeup and that weird-ass beeper on his head.

I’m having a hard time taking this teaser seriously though. I can’t get Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze voice from Batman and Robin out of my head, firstly. And he just looks so damned goofy. The way he’s speaking indicates he’s supposed to be some terrifying guy, but I just want to make fun of the way he looks.

That’s shallow, I know, but it doesn’t inspire much confidence for the finished project that my initial reaction is to giggle. He looks like he’s been rejected from the Blue Man Group for being too pale.

I know I’m being harsh, but my confidence for this film has fallen tremendously in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully we get some real footage or a trailer in the coming days, weeks or months that gives us a better sense of the goings ons. I think this footage may work best in the loud and flashy environment of the show floor more than anything else. [via Comic Book News]

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