Thankskilling 3 trailer – a killer turkey is on the loose

You can go and watch Thankskilling on Netflix right now. It’s about a killer turkey that goes around and kills college students during their thanksgiving break. It’s a movie that’s so bad it’s good.

Now the team has turned to Kickstarter for it’s sequel and they’ve obviously hit their budget as we have a trailer. This one seems a lot more self aware and is absolutely ridiculous. It’s clear that the filmmakers give no shits what you think. They just want to make a movie that you have fun watching — that probably includes laughing your ass off.

But what about Thankskilling 2? Well, Thankskilling 3 is about the killer in the first movie trying to obtain the last copy of Thankskilling 2, which wasn’t made in the real world but exists in this movie world. Confused? I think we’re supposed to be, but gobble gobble mother f***er.

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