Sandra Bullock went to the Super Bowl with the family of The Blind Side to cheer on Michael Oher

Sandra Bullock won her Best Actress Oscar for portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, which is the true story of Baltimore Raven offensive lineman Michael Oher. Of course, the Ravens were playing in and won the Super Bowl so his family was there to root him on. Hooray!


Bullock, who’s apparently close to the family and the woman she portrayed, went along with them to root on Oher as well. What’s kinda neat is that when Bullock was going through her troubles with former husband Jesse James, in 2010, she adopted a little boy from New Orleans named Louis. The Super Bowl was played in New Orleans.


It’s like the perfect storm! Oscar winning role inspires adoption which inspires real life, kind of. Everything just came full circle. This feels like Inception. What is real? What is fake? Wait, did Bullock cause the black out because Oher wasn’t playing well? Was he not being utilized well? Has she yelled at John Harbaugh?

And further more, how tempted is Warner Bros. to make The Blind Side 2 right now? [Huffington Post]


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