Russia’s Giant Robot in Pacific Rim is Based Off Of Chernobyl


Another day, another awesome piece of marketing from Warner Bros. and Pacific Rim. See Fox? This is how you market a movie. Not terrible posters and vines followed up by 20 seconds of your trailer.

Anyway, last week we got some awesome images of how big the monsters in the film are and today we get our second giant robot, which are known in the movie as jaegers. You can’t have characters calling things giant robots and giant monsters. Oh, and by the same token: the giant monsters are called Kaiju. The first jaeger we saw was Japan’s Coyote Tango, which doesn’t seem to reflect Japan very much.

But today we get Cherno Alpha, Russia’s “stoic Russian warrior” jaeger. As you can probably tell, it’s heavily influenced by Chernobyl – hence the name Cherno Alpha. It’s also got what looks like a giant nuclear reactor on top of its head, because why not? I’m not quite sure if Russians would name a giant robot that’s supposed to save their lives after a terrible disaster that affected people in the region (and what was the former Soviet Union) but maybe it’s some weird way of getting back at Ukraine, I don’t know.


This gets me part excited and part terrified for what other jaegers are in the film. I’m sure America would be like Patriot One while the United Kingdom would be Union Jack and Germany is Panzer Blitz. France could be Le Resistance. It’ll be a whole thing. Unless they just start naming them after disasters, then I just give up.

Oh, we also have a better idea of what the movie is about: the world is breaking down after the relentless attacks from the Kaiju and humanity is on the brink of giving up. So the world turns to — somehow — a washed up pilot played by Charlie Hunnam and an untested trainee played by Rinko Kikuchi who are teamed to pilot a legendary jaeger that’s seemingly obsolete.

So, basically: two people no one believes in have to same humanity by using an old jaeger to fight the monsters. It’s kind of like if a washed up pilot teamed up with a rookie to pilot an old WW2 plane to fight off space aliens. Seems like a pretty generic story to me, but hopefully it’s told in a wonderful way. [via Coming Soon]



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