Ron Howard And Tom Hanks Will Complete Their DA VINCI TRILOGY With INFERNO



Deadline is reporting that Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are going to be returning to complete their Dan Brown Da Vinci Trilogy with his newest novel Inferno, which would mean skipping over the real third book of the Robert Langdon series and going straight to the fourth one.

Not that it matters. I remember seeing the first one in theaters and being pretty excited for it. That excitement wasn’t there at the end of the movie and I proceeded to forget that the sequel Angels and Demons even came out. Well, I remember the trailer… but that’s about it. I’m not even sure if I know anyone who saw it.

The Lost Symbol was supposed to be the third film, but Howard dropped out of the project and Mark Romanek stepped in. Then it went no where. The reason they’re instead going to just skip to the fourth book is because the last movie came out in 2009 and people may have forgotten about the franchise.

So Sony Pictures has decided to cheat and just make the movie off the current #1 New York Times Bestseller Inferno, which has Langdon doing the same stuff he always does, but with Dante’s Inferno at the center of the big riddle he has to solve.

Sony is getting increasingly good at making things that aren’t very good that people want to see. It’s strikingly different from Disney’s live action efforts, which aren’t very good and no one wants to see.

You’ll be able to ignore this one in December 2015. Or be dragged to it by your family on Christmas day. [Deadline via /Film]

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