Real-life Weekend at Bernies: This guy took his dead friend’s body to a strip club


What happens when your friend dies? You call the police. Unless, of course, you’re Robert Jeffrey Young (pictured).

Young had fallen on hard times. So his old college pal Jeffrey Jarrett invited him to live at his home until he got on his feet.

One day Young came home and found his old friend unresponsive. Instead of calling the police he went to the place where his friend, Mark Rubinson, was working. The men returned to Jarrett’s home and loaded him into Rubinson’s Lincoln Navigator.

They then went to Teddy T’s Bar and Grill and drank and ate on Jarrett’s tab. Don’t worry, Jarrett’s body was waiting in the backseat of the car.

The two then went to an ATM, got some money from his debit card, and went to a strip club. Both men have now been caught and charged, cause they finally did report the dead body. It just goes to show you, when a friend dies you call the cops. [Denver Post via]



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