Pixar Is Teaming Up With Khan Academy To Teach You Storytelling For Free
Learn from the masters


One of the insane things about Pixar is that, unlike other studios, they don’t give in to spectacle.¬†They’re one of the few places where you consistently get high-budget, character-based stories. And sure, they adhere to a fairly strict formula, but that formula consistently works.

So it’s great that they’re teaming up with Khan Academy to teach you storytelling for free. It’s the latest series in Pixar an Khan Academy’s Pixar in a Box series. Thus far, the series has been focused on the technical aspects of animation, stuff like hair simulation, rigging, modeling and animation.

The storytelling series, which is called The Art of Storytelling, is broken up into two sections. The first section is available now and is titled We Are All Storytellers. The lesson introduces you to the people behind the stories at Pixar, because to make great art you need to be somewhat in tune with your own perspective and how you can use that to tell stories you know.

The second section is all about character and will start rolling out later in 2017.

You can head over to Khan Academy to get started. [TechCrunch]


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