PARADISE Trailer: Diablo Cody Makes Her Directorial Debut

We don’t have enough female directors; that’s just a fact. More high profile female directors is always a good thing, I think. So I’m glad that Diablo Cody is expanding her career and trying out directing.

Cody certainly has one of the more unique voices in movies, so I think a move to directing might suit her better than just being a writer for other directors. The thing is that sometimes, when you’re a writer, your director will change what you intended to work into their vision. Well, unless you’re Aaron Sorkin.

The movie itself doesn’t look too bad. It follows Julianne Hough, who is in some kind of airplane accident so she renounces her faith and decides to go to Vegas to take part in the sin she’s avoided all her life. Her plucky friends happen to be Russell Brand, Nick Offerman and Octavia Spencer.

And holy shit, Offerman. What in the world. What is… what is going on? Where’s the mustache!?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I certainly didn’t hate Jennifer’s Body and I enjoyed Young Adult for the most part, so I’m down with seeing more work from Cody.

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