Pain and Gain Red Band Trailer: Michael Bay’s Action Comedy

The last non-Transformers movie from Michael Bay was The Island in 2005. Yeah, he’s been working on that franchise for almost a decade. It’s no wonder each movie got progressively worse after Transformers 1, which was a lot of fun (rhyming!).

And now, finally, we get another non-Transformers movie from Bay and it looks like a blast. Bay looks like he’s having a lot of fun directing Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie. Although this is based on a true story so maybe it’s not the best idea to turn it into a comedy (kinda like 30 Minutes or Less) but I digress.

Wahlberg and company play three bumbling muscle heads that steal a bunch of money from a rich guy and then things go horribly, horribly wrong. Bay brings aboard some noted funny people like Ken Jeong, Rebel Wilson and Rob Corddry so you can tell that it’s an action comedy. The first trailer didn’t totally feel like it was going for the comedy thing. It was kind of like it was dabbing its toe in it.

But this, this is a full-on swan dive. With explosions going off behind it. Do’ers will be able to do and see Pain and Gain on April 26.

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