Olympus Has Fallen Trailer: The White House is under siege and Morgan Freeman is acting President

Olympus Has Fallen is one of two White-House-Under-Siege movies coming out this year. The other is White House Down, from The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Director Roland Emmerich. So you kind of expect something ludicrous from that guy.

But Olympus Has Fallen? That’s a big budget action movie from the guy who brought us Training Day. Gerard Butler plays a Secret Service agent who makes a mistake on the field. He gets thrown off the President’s detail because, basically, he got the first lady killed. Then some Asian terrorist come and take over the White House and kidnap the president. THEN MORGAN FREEMAN BECOMES ACTING PRESIDENT OMG.

This looks to have some solid action, but I kind of wish there was an over-the-top tone rather than the dark one we’re getting. Although this looks like a fun enough watch by itself. And really, we can’t have two over-the-top White House movies in the same year.

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