New STAR WARS REBELS Photo Marks The Return Of Stormtroopers



It’s been a long time since we’ve seen real Stormtroopers used in a Star Wars story. In that Clone Wars animated show, we saw Clone Troopers. In the Star Wars prequels, we saw a bunch of Clone Troopers and Droids. So it’s kind of heart-warming in a nostalgic way to see Stormtroopers return in Star Wars Rebels.

They’re flanking a new baddie called The Inquisitor, who is tasked by the Emperor to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights in the years before the original Star Wars movie A New Hope as the Rebel Alliance starts forming. He also looks like he could be Darth Maul’s great nephew or something.

The show is set to debut on Disney Channel this fall in a special one-hour telecast. It will then be followed up with regular episodes on Disney XD. [EW]

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