New Rumor Says Ben Affleck Doesn’t Want To Be Batman Anymore
Says three sources


There’s something weird going on with The Batman, it’s hard not to see it. Ben Affleck spent the last couple of months not committing to directing The Batman, expressing frustration about people wanting to ask him about Batman and not paying attention to his new movie, Live by Night. He repeatedly said he’d only do the movie if it was good.

And then, finally, he pulled out of directing and writing the project. At the time, he said it was to give himself time to concentrate on acting. That sounds like an awful lot of bullshit, as Affleck is well-versed at directing movies he’s acting in. Then there were reports that Warner Bros didn’t like the script he wrote with Geoff Johns, but then there was another report that WB was happy with the script.

Collider’s John Campea now says that three sources at WB have told him that Affleck no longer wants to be Batman. He’s negotiating with WB to get him out of the DCEU before The Batman even films. If they can’t get that done, The Batman will be his last DC movie.

However, Campea also says to take it all with a grain of salt because his scoops have gone wrong before. In fact, he didn’t want anyone to report it. But, I mean, when you drop something like “Ben Affleck doesn’t want to be Batman anymore” it’s hard to expect it not to spread.

I’m not surprised. Affleck has looked miserable every time he’s had to talk about this universe. His other work is getting overshadowed by it, and his biggest fear is coming true. He’s stepped back into the superhero world and the movies, largely, suck.

This would be a death nail for the DCEU. The one thing that escaped criticism from Batman v Superman was Affleck’s Batman. It’s why people are looking forward to The Batman. If their Batman leaves, what do they have left? Is Wonder Woman good enough to carry the DCEU forward? WB certainly doesn’t like Superman enough to do that.

Maybe this’ll end up being a good thing. From the ashes of this DCEU, they might learn their lesson and do something else. Like, hey, how about a Batman Beyond movie. How about a Superman movie that’s about the goodness of people and the hope for a better future?

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