MPAA wants drones to film aerial shots in movies


The Hill is reporting that the Motion Picture Association of America is lobbying the government to legalize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or known to most people as drones, for commercial use in the film industry. The efforts of the MPAA include some new documents that ask the FAA to approve unarmed drones in domestic airspace for aerial shots.

The reason they want this is because drones are safer for aerial shots than helicopters or cranes. Hell, many filmmakers have died using helicopters and cranes for shooting aerial shots. Some Hollywood productions are secretly using drones, but it’s currently in a weird grey area. They’re not quite legal, but they’re not quite illegal (they’re definitely illegal when it comes to commercial use). That’s why Florida is looking to ban UAV filmmaking. And why the FAA is looking to introduce private drone licenses in 2015.

Of course, this opens a giant can of worms. It puts a lot of crane operators and helicopter pilots out of work; at least in Hollywood. It also opens up the opportunity to spy on people domestically with drones. Could you imagine if paparazzi got their hands on a drone to slip into Kim Kardashian’s backyard or something? [The Hill via Fast Company]

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