Mel Gibson Is Considering Directing SUICIDE SQUAD 2 For Warner Bros
They really want him


Here’s some news you probably never expected: Warner Bros is courting Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2, and he’s actually mulling it.

No really, The Hollywood Reporter has the story. Gibson is even familiarizing himself with the Suicide Squad as he thinks about it. Imagine that, Mel Gibson reading a whole bunch of comic books. However, THR is quick to note that there is no offer and no commitment yet.

In fact, Warner Bros is also looking at other directors, including Daniel Espinosa, the filmmaker behind Child 44, Safe House and the upcoming Life. They would turn to David Ayer, but he’s a little busy working on Margot Robbie’s Gotham City Sirens.

It’s pretty weird that Gibson is being courted for a big budget Hollywood film. The dude was rightly put in director jail for years because of his anti-semitism. It was so bad that people were enraged about a cameo he made in The Hangover: Part II, causing the cameo to be cut from the final film. Ever since he made it out to the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere, forgiveness has been spreading.

His new movie, Hacksaw Ridge, even has a place at the Oscars this year! That’s insane! And now Warner Bros wants to throw a studio project at him.

Honestly, I think a large part of this is WB’s desperation to prop up the DCEU. Is there a better way to juice interest than to get Mel Gibson involved? Because if there is, WB doesn’t know what it is. So they’re turning to a filmmaker who doesn’t even know or care about these characters. I’m sure Gibson could find a violent story he’s willing to tell within that world, but this seems like desperation on the part of WB.

On top of that, their other choice just isn’t very good. I wish I knew, or thought, that WB has some kind of plan. But I can’t. [THR]

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