Lucasfilm put Hidden Mickeys in Star Wars

Hidden Mickeys are secrets that Disney employees hide in Disney’s many theme parks. So, say you’re riding through Indiana Jones and you turn and items are arranged in a way that make it look like a Mickey head. That’s a Hidden Mickey. And in those Disney Parks, they’re everywhere.

The Official Star Wars Blog is now pointing out that there are some Hidden Mickeys in The Empire Strikes Back, decades before Disney paid $4 billion for Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

I mean, there’s a chance that Lucasfilm was talking to Disney about a Star Wars ride at Disneyland. Star Tours, that’s the Star Wars ride at Disneyland, opened in 1986. Adding in planning and negotiation time it’s likely that talks started around 1980, although that may be a bit of a stretch on my part.

We also know that George Lucas is a fan of Disney. Maybe he envisioned them as a possible home for Star Wars back then? Maybe he was just a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. Maybe this is a giant coincidence? Either way, it’s awesomely cool. [Star Wars Blog via]

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