Looks Like Rey Has A New Haircut In STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI
As revealed by toy packaging


Disney revealed Force Friday II this morning, a global super event where you can go to a bunch of stars an check out a range of new toys. You’ll get to see what the characters look like, and what the new characters look like, and a bunch of new spaceships, and improvements to favorite toys like Sphero’s iPhone-controlled BB-8.

That’ll all happen on September 1. In the meantime, Disney has revealed new packaging for the toys. That new packaging gives us our first glimpse of Rey, Finn and Poe in The Last Jedi. Take a look, you can click on the image to see it enlarged.

As you can see, Rey looks very different. She’s got longer hair that flows to the sides. She’s got more Jedi-like clothes. A beige vest thing, white sleeves and a dark undershirt.┬áThis is interesting because Star Wars traditionally uses clothing to denote whether someone is on the dark side or light side of the Force. And sometimes, it plays with that expectation.

Remember in Return of the Jedi where Luke wore all black and it felt like he was going to be turned to the dark side by the Empire? But there was a little fold of white that showed he was truly good on the inside? Is that what’s happening with Rey here? Is there some darkness in her that’s going to turn her?

Next up is Finn, who now wears a white shirt under Poe’s jacket, which he still wears. Poe, on the other hand, looks exactly the same.

But Rey, Rey is the one who is getting what looks like a substantial makeover. She also gets to fully brandish that lightsaber now.

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