Listen to the Woody Allen stand-up that ended up becoming Midnight in Paris

If you’re wondering how the hell Woody Allen thought of the idea for his Oscar-winning script for Midnight in Paris wonder no more. It came from his stand-up circa 1968.

Yes, this idea has been bobbing around Allen’s head for decades. And it finally got the script treatment and became an Oscar-winning film. The segment in the stand-up is called Lost Generation and it’s so obviously tied to Midnight in Paris it’s quite eery.

The scenario in the stand-up is about Allen having the ability to joke around with Hemingway and Gertrude Stein and being able to see Picasso and all that. Sound familiar? That’s because Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris becomes good friends with both Hemingway and Stein and even has a run-in with Picasso. [Nerdist via Slashfilm]


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