Joss Whedon Is Making A BATGIRL Movie And All Of A Sudden I Have Some Hope
Okay, WB


I have lost all hope in Justice League. To be fair, it’s not that first trailer. I actually kind of dig that first trailer. It’s just that I did not enjoy Batman v Superman and, outside of two performances, Suicide Squad is mostly a failure. I don’t have confidence in Warner Bros is selling with the DCEU.

There are some bright spots. Wonder Woman still looks pretty rad, and getting Matt Reeves to direct The Batman is a good, smart move. Hiring the dude who made The Lego Batman Movie to make a Nightwing movie is also pretty smart, despite a Nightwing movie being kind of an odd choice.

But now Warner Bros has done something else that gives me some hope: Variety reports they’ve very close to hiring Joss Whedon to make a Batgirl movie. This is a pretty great combination of material and filmmaker. Whedon understands character, he understands these heroes, and he likes to have some fun in his movies.

Also, his Whedonisms will feel at home in the more spunky world of Batgirl. And by the way, Batgirl is a great hero that deserves major motion picture love. I’m already excited for a whole generation of young girls to find out that there’s a Batgirl, if they didn’t already know from The Lego Batman Movie.

This is exciting. I’m actually excited. Now, who’s got the lead on fan casting? Zoey Deutch? Camila Mendes? [Variety]

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